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Norge v1.6 Multifruit
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Norge v1.6 Multifruit

Norge Verson 1.6 MultiFruit

no new fruits. The world does not support more

It has been put in new barn.
It has been put in washed potato machine. steam potato machine.
New farm.
New farm silo.
I have moved nav mesh chicken.
Seed and fetilizers has been adjusted.

Hope you like it. and have fun


  • Tim121672
    2017-02-14 10:41
    Awesome, thanks for this....Keep up the great work!!!!
  • Janas
    2017-02-14 11:35
    Thank you TIM121672 : )
  • Petrolcan
    2017-02-14 13:46
    cheers Janas, great work only 1question,why did you remove the hayloft where the cow,pigs and sheep are at the min?we are missing it alot hahhahhhah
  • Matsen
    2017-02-14 15:39
    get the same error game engine not working how to fix
  • Petrolcan
    2017-02-14 20:08
    Matsen,this map is working 100% on our dedi server ,have you done the latest update that came out last night buddy?update 1.42 for the game itself?we had problems till we did update :)
  • Janas
    2017-02-14 23:41
    PETROLCAN. I was going to use the hayloft elsewhere.But then I changed my mind. And deleted it.I forgot to put it where it stood.MATSEN . you must remember to strat a new savegame.I forgot to write it when I uploaded the world.
  • Gav


    2017-02-15 02:29
    amazing work janas you have done great job . i was woundering is there any way u could send me the files for the hayloft to add as was a mint mod . email [email protected] if possible thanks keep up great work
  • Janas
    2017-02-15 19:03
    Thank GAV. Yes I can send you the hayloft.
  • Janas
    2017-02-15 19:25
    It is sent
  • Gav


    2017-02-15 22:22
    thanks mate . ive also noticed there seem to be a prob with grains staying stored . we put over 400k of a couple of grains in storage and its gone today . so i tried removing all mods still the same . started a new game still the same maybe ur barn and silos are conflicting i dont know hope u can fix this .
  • Janas
    2017-02-15 22:38
    I found out that I have an error on 2 triggers that have the same name. The error is farm silo system. I shall Fike it as soon as possible.
  • Janas
    2017-02-15 23:22
    I've fixed the problem. Uploading it now
  • Alex2ruote
    2017-05-05 16:12
    The file is no longer available on the hosting site.
  • Keno
    2018-04-03 01:08
    Awesome map Janas so far everything works as it should on my iMac, so I'm totally enjoying it. The one problem I do have is the vehicle shop is to close to the building as some of the mods stick in the building and won"t release, example the heavy harrow. But still awesome keep up the great work.
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