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North Central Kansas v2
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North Central Kansas v2

Howdy Folks. This Is My First Mod. So Please Not Too Much Hate Ok?

I Am Big Fan Of Hobbs Farms. Since FS15 Was Released I Have always Enjoyed His Farms They Feel Like Home.
Mr Hobbs Recently Uploaded Map For FS17 & I Enjoyed It A Lot But I Thought This Version He Created Lacked Some Of Old Creation History. So I Did Some Research On YouTube On How Too Convert Mods And Use Giant Editor & So On. I Think This Came Out Pretty Good.

I Call This North Central Kansas (Hobbs Edition) I Take No Credit For This All I Did Was Added A Few Changes.

On Game Start You Have 100 Cows, 100 Sheep, 100 Chickens. Your Main Resources Are Maxed Out So You Can Go Ahead & Think About Farming Instead Of Feeding The Critters. I Placed In All The Exspensive Rides With A Few Customs Also Included.

I Removed Trees, Bushes & Rock That Surrounded The Field Areas So That Tractor Performance Was Easier.
I Also Removed The Decoration Buildings And Replaced Them With Animated Working Buildings.
I Was Able To Convert Some Of Mr Hobbs Old Mods From FS15 Such AS Buyable Feed Lot - You Buy Feed Now Rather Then Waiting To Harvest. There's A Food Hall Located Between The Cows & Chickens You Can Store Your Silage, Hay, & Other Critter Food There. I AM Not A PRo You All Still Learning To Do This So If You Find Any Errors Let Me Know.

There Is A Few mods Included You Need To Add Them To Your Mod Profile So They Will Show Up In The Map.

Ya'll Take Care Now!

Mr Hobbs, GrizzlyMan, Giants Editor

  • Name
    2017-07-04 12:02 Send message
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    woo over 1,000,000 of cows, horse, and figs is a bit much, how can you get rid of them with out having to sell them
  • Grizzlyman
    2017-07-04 18:54 Send message
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    I found A program called profile editor i used it to change the main settings for animals & maxed out grain count. You could try that if youd like
  • Update
    2017-07-06 03:57 Send message
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    When will this map be updated? It's full with errors and mssing textures...... Very bad replica of Hobbs Farm.........Need sheds with doors that can be opened and closed. Fields are not properly sized...... Sheds and a no functional building are placed to high, NO SHOP!!!!!! Ground is bumpy, VERY BAD REPLICA of Hobbs Farm..... and you tell me the team of Hobbs Farm did released tis map? I doubt if they do that!
  • Blacky
    2017-07-06 04:50 Send message
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    map is ok but it needs a lot work to it need to move the garages off the grassy area because shows up on concrete floors of the shelter garages i give a thumbs down on it
  • Crap
    2017-07-06 13:09 Send message
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    This is CRAP, not worth downloading it... PLayed it for a few hours and my logfile was showing over 11000 lines with errors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shame on you Mr Grizzly......
  • Csx68
    2017-07-06 15:30 Send message
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    yeah hobbs edition iv been playing sence 13 hobbs made kansas
  • @csx68
    2017-07-06 17:44 Send message
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    Hobbs made Texas, not Kansas
  • Dakotafarmer
    2017-07-07 17:50 Send message
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    Its not a bad map,,, just fix the animal overload and a take note of what the other guys above me said.. update..update..update.. ! :)
  • Sooner1277
    2017-07-07 20:05 Send message
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    Its not a terrible map. I Just gave it some "TLC" on some details and as far as the abundance of all the animals, this is really an easy fix. . . just un-pack the map, and open up the default vehicles.xml with notepad ++, scroll down or use "alt F" and search for "cows, sheep" etc...and change the settings to how many you want or just delete if you don't want . . . save and done!
  • David
    2017-07-27 18:48 Send message
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    soda machine in middle of field 5, buildings turned upside down and not removed. I used to do small edits in 13 on maps and was just beginning, but had nothing like the errors there are on this map. Might be a good time to get back into the new GE and see if I can work this map to be better and more to my liking. I sold all the sheep and they continued to make wool and reproduce so be warned.
  • Recoyote
    2019-04-24 13:36
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    That is nowhere near Kansas, To many damn mountains in it
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