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North Frisian march 4-fold map v1.5
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North Frisian march 4-fold map v1.5

North Frisian march 4-fold map

News in the V 1.5
- Cheese making with production of cheese and cream cheese both on pallet
- Youtube VIP tree
- Donation board
- New texture for corn, potatoes, sugar beet, wheat, sunflower, barley and soy
- Heaven with better textures
- Faster speeding down on seeds, fertilizer, storage, pork and cattle feed
- oats and rye in seed production
- Fillable gas station in wood industry
- Court now takes up seed and fertilizer
- BGA's now accept silage and crap via trailer
- Driveways brewery, pallet warehouse and refinery widened
- Larger pallet collectors at the flour factory
- Sewage works a little faster
- Fertilizer production is now also with digestate
- The old sawmill also accepts wood trunk pallets
- Wood chip storage in new wood industry
- Faster bunkering with sand and gravel

- Light switch hall Eierhof no longer floats in the air
- Discharge concentrate Rinderstall is now sitting a bit lower
- Manure manure and fertilizer texture are now disappearing again
- Cattle sheds provide a little more manure and manure
- Timber trunk pallet slightly lighter
- Invisible collision removed at Kraftfutterfabrik
- Silage Wedge Keilsilo BGA South with Collision
- Slurry cows adapted to soil
- Flickering ground crest factory changed
- Aldi logo (lettering) added to the goods receipt
- Halls at F26 and pumpkin farm in the middle gray area now with collision
- Flickering walls pumpkin farm fixed
- Changed setting point for feed in the cowshed
- Flying digital displays at the Eierhof deleted
- Collimauer concentrate factory away
- Floating wheelbarrow compound feed factory is now on the ground
- Floating wheelbarrow bridge construction is now on the ground
- Floating lamp in the city to field 8 is now on the ground
- Curve plate deleted in field 12
- Increased trigger at potato washing plant

Moin moin people, after a long construction time, it is finally time and I publish the first version of the 4-fold map.
North German landscape with 45 fields and 16 grass fields. 4 farms and 4 biogas plants, Hühnerhof and Rinderhof. Extra fruit varieties Oats, rye and hops. Take a look at the video for the map presentation in peace.
Huge production and sales opportunities:
Cattle Breeding -> Cows
Chicken farm -> eggs
Sawmill -> board pallets
Wood chipper -> wood chips
Pallet plant -> empty pallets
Composter -> Compost
Flour Factory -> Wheat, barley and rye flour
Bakery -> Bread, pastries and cakes
Brewery -> wheat or barley beer
Fruit farm -> apples, pears, cherries and plums
Vegetable farming -> salad, tomato, red cabbage and cauliflower
Distillery -> Obstler and Korn
Cutter -> fish and crabs
Dairy -> milk, butter, cream, quark and yogurt
Pellets Factory -> Pellets
Stoffrabik -> fabric rolls
Sugar factory -> sugar
Pumpkin Farm -> Pumpkin
Cement factory -> Cement
Butcher -> Meat and sausage
Dieselfabrik -> Diesel
Edible oil factory -> cooking oil
Potato washing plant -> washed potatoes
Potato Factory -> French fries, potato sack and chips
Compound feed -> compound feed for cows / cattle
Pig Feed Mixer -> Pig Feed
Farm shop with sale of fruits and vegetables -> cash boxes
fertilizer production
seed production
sand production
Construction site with sale of sand, gravel and cement -> cash boxes
Bridge construction to get to the big island
3 supermarkets, 2 pallet points of sale and stadium for sale of the products
6 outlets for grain + horse farm, straw power plant, heating and straw / grass sales
Bank for the exchange of cash boxes
If you have any questions just look in my Let's Play series there I show everything that is possible. Errors that should perhaps still be noticed, the best way to simply post among the videos on Youtube.
Many thanks and now I wish you much fun on the new map.
Kind regards

Idee / Konzept: FedActionLetsPlay

  • Caamo
    2018-03-02 20:32
    Oh... there is heaven in this map! And with better textures too... Not so ordinary heaven anymore...
  • Daniel
    2018-03-02 23:05
    picture 3,4,5 wher can i find that buildings its not whit me in the map and i have 1.5 downloaded
  • @daniel
    2018-03-03 10:48
    those are placeables. the bale storage buildings and something else are under objects
  • Dennis53
    2018-03-04 20:33
    where do you get steel pallets for bridge
  • Jay


    2018-03-05 20:13
    thanks for a great map. is there anyway you could add sugar cane to the map as i have some placeables that require it.Thanks again.
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