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North West Texas 4X v1.1.0.0
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North West Texas 4X v1.1.0.0

This map was inspired by Northwest region of Texas, right off Highway 287. A region with a history of cowboys, cattle and agricultural wealth.

Game Farming Simulator 17
Manufacturer Txzar
Category Map
Author Txzar
Size 711.23 MB
Released 28.04.2017
Platform PC/MAC

Map Quick Facts:
Is this map perfect? No, although I have pushed to reach the best quality possible with my knowledge and help from others.
Style of map? Based off North West Texas just outside of Childress, Tx(American style).
Number of fields? 35.
What field sizes? Fields range from roughly 2 ha to 74 ha.
Are the fields square? Some, others are stair stepped or have angles.
Does the map have hills? Yes. Rolling hills, some of which can be a bit steep.
What size is the map? It is a 4X map.
Generally how is the farm or farms arranged? One main farm with plenty of storage and silos off the main highway.
Cows in the map? Yes.
Sheep in the map? Yes.
Pigs in the map? Yes.
Chickens in the map? Yes.
Forestry in the map? No, but feel free to cut trees if you really want to.
Drivable train? No, although there is a track so maybe in the future.
Milk sale? Yes, already in map.
Chopped straw map? Yes.
Do the fields have missions? Yes, single player will have missions available.
Traffic? Yes, but only on the highway. And I'll warn you, highway traffic travels at its correct speed.

Other Facts:
-Ground markers are limited.
-Cow zone has many static items in order to achieve a certain look and feel of a large cattle operation. All feeding and bedding are done in the main feeding hall.
-Several sell points around the map.
-The map design is intended to allow a wide variety of play styles. From the single player who likes hired hands and arcade type play to the real life simulator who manual drives combines, and even the dedicated server with a team of people playing at once.

Credits included in zip file.

Have a question, suggestion or something to contribute to the map? Please check out the support post!


  • Guest
    2017-04-28 18:46
    ugly as hell and dangerous for the eyes *lol*
  • Thecleaner
    2017-04-28 19:05
    Thanks for the DESCRIPTION for this version
  • Jimthegeek
    2017-04-28 21:23
    This is a great map, lots of room, mud and things to do. Milk sell point, chopped straw, red clay soil and realistic traffic (75mph!) on the highway make this map very real to the region. Great map!
  • 6w livestock
    2017-04-29 00:29
    So whenever I switch to a vehicle, the game freezes, any ideas why?
  • Name
    2017-04-29 01:04
    great map keep it up, :)
  • Toe


    2017-04-29 18:52
    I like this map. lots to do. Found 1 glitch. Hire worker doesn't work if you are trying to cultivate. Works fine with planting and harvesting. Thank you for your time.
  • Pppppppppppp
    2017-05-17 23:19
    Every time I try to launch the map it never loads.....any solutions??
  • Txboot
    2017-05-26 18:59
    I'm having trouble getting the conveyor belts to work. It's like the manure and conveyor pickup are at different levels on the ground.
  • T holder
    2017-07-07 22:37
    Sheep want grass . But can't find where to unload at. went to to long feeding stations & would not unload. Help My sheep are hungry.
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