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North West Texas a 4X Map
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North West Texas a 4X Map

Map Quick Facts:
Is this map perfect? No, although I have pushed to reach the best quality possible with my knowledge and help from others.
Style of map? Based off North West Texas just outside of Childress, Tx(American style).
Number of fields? 35.
What field sizes? Fields range from roughly 2 ha to 74 ha.
Are the fields square? Some, others are stair stepped or have angles.
Does the map have hills? Yes. Rolling hills, some of which can be a bit steep.
What size is the map? It is a 4X map.
Generally how is the farm or farms arranged? One main farm with plenty of storage and silos off the main highway.
Cows in the map? Yes.
Sheep in the map? Yes.
Pigs in the map? Yes.
Chickens in the map? Yes.
Forestry in the map? No, but feel free to cut trees if you really want to.
Drivable train? No, although there is a track so maybe in the future.
Milk sale? Yes, already in map.
Chopped straw map? Yes.
Do the fields have missions? Yes, single player will have missions available.
Traffic? Yes, but only on the highway. And I'll warn you, highway traffic travels at its correct speed.

Other Facts:
-Ground markers are limited.
-Cow zone has many static items in order to achieve a certain look and feel of a large cattle operation. All feeding and bedding are done in the main feeding hall.
-Several sell points around the map.
-The map design is intended to allow a wide variety of play styles. From the single player who likes hired hands and arcade type play to the real life simulator who manual drives combines, and even the dedicated server with a team of people playing at once.

Credits included in zip file.

Have a question, suggestion or something to contribute to the map? Please check out the support post!

By Txzar

  • Blindshootist
    2017-04-09 14:13
    This map is fantastic thanks
  • Patrick walker
    2017-04-09 18:00
    you did a great job on the map. i was raised in Vernon , Tx not far from childress. the landscape is just about right, FLAT lol. Great job and i am already remembering of how i grew up on a farm. love it
  • Clifton finch
    2017-04-09 20:32
    great job i live in west tx lubbock great detail keep them coming
  • Nice map
    2017-04-10 08:53
    i used to live in Athens Texas outside of Tyler lived there for 15 years
  • Copenhagen
    2017-04-10 09:13
    add cotton and more crops . texture a little high. space out the sell points and add some better sell areas .
  • Wizeazz
    2017-04-10 20:20
    @COPENHAGEN - Do it yourself
  • Great map
    2017-04-10 20:29
    I love all the storage at the main farm however I cant find the main farm silo. I dont think there is one actually. I love the animal sale area. If you could update the main farm with a silo with lots of capacity and I gree with copenhagen on spread out sale points and add more crop this will be my favorite map. I have a ranch in brenham tx so this map is cool to me!I AM NOT COMPLAINING I AM AN AVID PLAYER AND MOD USER
  • Psmodding
    2017-04-10 21:21
    Nice map! Keep up the great work!
  • Ereedks
    2017-04-10 22:21
    @GREAT MAP, the main silo is not actually at the farm but rather on the main 'highway', just on the south end of field 20. There are three silos for grain, each hold 500 l of each crop. What I haven't found are the two storage/silos for grasses (straw, grass, hay, chaff, etc) that appear in the vehicle.xml as storage4 and storage5.
  • Ereedks
    2017-04-10 22:25
    Has anyone found the two storage/silos for grasses (straw, grass, hay, chaff, forage, and silage)? It shows in the vehicle.xml that there are two, but I can't find either one.
  • Ereedks
    2017-04-10 23:34
    Never mind, I found them both.
  • Lil smoky
    2017-04-11 02:04
    Super map. Having trouble watering cattle. Tried outside of cattle barn and inside. Used in game water trailer and also tried a mod tanker. nothing. whats the trick? Cows are hollering from thirst. thanks
  • Copenhagen
    2017-04-11 05:27
    @WIZEAZZ you sound a little salty..did some one hurt your little feelings
  • Jdubb
    2017-04-11 21:41
    This map is Spot on with the country around Childress. Great job
  • Wilson731
    2017-04-11 23:12
    Having trouble with watering cattle, any hints as to where? Otherwise, great map. Thanks
  • Josh
    2017-04-12 03:34
    If anyone on here can help I would appreciate it. I downloaded the map and placed it in the mods folder and it says in the mod menu in the game that it is installed, but when i go to start a world it is not a choice for me. Don't know why but this happened with another map too.
  • Hooptie
    2017-04-12 04:47
    Helper not working in field by equiptment area. The map is great though. How do you water cows?
  • Lil smoky
    2017-04-12 18:34
    Appreciate all the non help with the cow watering. Also after plowing up a field, parts of it are unplantable again. Leaves blotches in field here and there which nothing cannot be plowed or planted. Map is worthless downloading until errors are fixed. Waste of time. Why release a unplayable map? I appreciate the effort, but not the wasted time.
  • Pat


    2017-04-13 19:47
    you fill the huge water tank outside the feed barn and it fills the water ttoughs on the back of the feeder barn
  • Oldman
    2017-04-14 14:58
    I'm not able to water the cows. anyone else figured it out or anyone willing to help figure it out? Seems to be a great Map. but just started using it.
  • Tim121672
    2017-04-15 05:47
    @JOSH---- Take all the other maps out of your mod folder, then try it with just the map that you want to play. if that does not work then remove all mods from your folder and try again. You may be experiencing a mod conflict.
  • Brad
    2017-04-19 06:24
    Very nice, well done. I see the milk sell point but where can I fill trailers with milk at the cow barn? I would recommend increasing the hay storage size at the cow barn location as with field sizes you can make a lot of hay. Have you thought of adding H20 fill points near the main farm or central to the animal locations? Does the slurry pond actually fill past a certain point? I am at 28% and still not seeing any slurry. Thanks for your efforts.-Brad
  • Name
    2017-04-23 16:52
    Question...i cannot seem to feed the sheep. Is the trigger hidden or just not on the map yet?
  • Cyrus
    2017-04-26 06:28
    I am doing cows and the slurry is not showing up.
  • Matthew davis
    2017-07-17 04:16
    I am having troubles hiring workers on the map i have only tried it when cultivating so far but when i try it, it just says "hired worker A has completed their task" anyone else having the same issues or know of a fix?
  • Larry1127
    2017-11-10 03:55
    Map is great, there are some spots another commenter spoke of, the red blotches which I assume is mud and I think it adds to the realism
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