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Northern Alberta V1
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Northern Alberta V1

Yes, this is Alberta. Redone.  Many many hours of testing went into this map, and a lot of headaches lol  *facepalm* Thanks to everyone who helped make this big (hopefully best) map project. Enjoy

-More Sellpoints (Falher Elevator, Peace country oats, Viterra, and Freds Farm) <--- All true to life sellpoints from my hometown
-Fix your cars at Vic's Car care!
-Take a look at the local Case IH Dealer "Rocky Mountain Equipment" !!
-2 Farms (Buy Placeable silos for farm two)
-Falher Alfalfa Plant (BGA) 
-Sell your eggs at Ecole Routhier! (Falhers public school)
-Wide open Alberta Feel
-Creek and Bridges
-AI cars and Missions

You just purchased this farm by the skin of your teeth, you just moved into your new home and your ready to take on Northern Alberta's fields!

Blueweb and his magnificent countyline
Rand0m Sparks Modding
CJW Midwest Modding
DJD Farm Modding,Mapping(me)
Testers (Josh Bart Brian and Matt, Mx)

  • Plus200
    2017-04-06 02:55
    me fuvk up the map, me from mars, like human brain
  • @plus200
    2017-04-06 04:44
    Plus200, please pull out of your sister before you unload, we don't need your offspring in society
  • The shithead above
    2017-04-07 06:39
    Ripe that you call everyone else a pervert while your dad sneaks into your room at night to touch you down there.
  • Needs work
    2017-04-07 07:28
    Map needs work. Holes in fields, Ditches with water through fields and crops in the water. Sloppy work.
  • Alex
    2017-04-07 20:27
    Crashes computer wont allow to load the game to load it gets to a point where it crashes my computer
  • Dan


    2017-04-08 02:02
    I liked the map. The only tthing I didnt like was all the ditches. I kept looking for the RCMP to pull me over for speeding.....lol
  • Faelandaea
    2017-04-08 08:15
    Nice work. I look forward to streaming this.
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