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Norwegian Forest V1.5 FINAL
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Norwegian Forest V1.5 FINAL

1.5 update:
Small fixes around the map

I had to fix some small stuff on the map. You dont have to make a new save, you can use the one you have :)
Here is the final version of Norwegian Forest.
This is a forestry map with a farm. Its in Norwegian style with some norwegian buildings around the map.
Here you can make fruits in greenhouses so you have lots of things to do.
There will not come more versions of this map. Im waiting for FS19 so i can make a map from scratch there.
I have not made anything on the map and yes its based on Goldcrest Valley. I hav only but stuff i like in there and put in ALOT of trees :p Have fun

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  • Allan
    2018-03-29 17:27
    dommage pas de trafick pas de piƩtons
  • Sa pu calisse
    2018-03-29 23:16
    sa sent le gros penis bin mal laver , sa sent pas bon
  • N0rthm4n
    2018-04-01 14:33
    If you have somthing to say WRITE IN ENGLISH
  • Will
    2018-10-22 20:19
    Nice logging mapOne problem, picture 4, the planks-factory, I can't get it to work.The needed materials aren't listed or shown at the factory itself.
  • Will
    2018-10-27 00:53
    Found the issue.It just needs woodchips but doesn't start right-away.
  • Will
    2018-11-01 02:08
    Got a problem. The image can't keep up.in V1.4 that doesn't seem an issue.
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