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Notes Mod v2.1
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Notes Mod v2.1

This mod allows you to add your own notes to the game. Notes remain even after saving, so mod is suitable for long gaming and the player can write what he wants to do next day. Mod supported multiplayer so you can inform other players on the server what they need to do. If you want to activate mod press G.
Mod is freely available and can be distributed if you'll write original mod author name: Martin Fabík (LoogleCZ).
If you'll share this mod, use original download link please.
If you have some question or remark, you can write message to [email protected]
You can support him on Facebook. PayPal address for donations is [email protected]
He'll be glad for any support.
Do not modify this mod!
Thank you for respecting authors terms.

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Official Permission to convert it from 15 to 17.
© chickenjoe64

Model: LoogleCZ
Texture: LoogleCZ
Script: LoogleCZ
Idea / Concept: LoogleCZ
Testing: Daniel Zapletal
Other: AiggaCZE

  • Jumbo747
    2016-10-30 23:35
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    Thank you very much for the Notepad Mod it works very well and is very useful, well done - keep your mods coming!Thank you!
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