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OGF USA MAP 2018 v1.0
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OGF USA MAP 2018 v1.0

Hello everybody,
I can not stop .. so there is again an OGF USA MAP.
This is not a realistic map. Model was the area around Coldwater Michigan USA.
- Construction time of the map 6 months
- This map contains all the features of the LS 17
- This map has additional fruits = rye, oats, spelled, etc
- The chopped straw mod was installed
- The Fabirc script was also installed.
- Milk trigger to take away the milk itself. The sale takes place at the Koeger market in the city
- There are 4 farms. 1 The main farm for cows. 2. The BGA 3. The Scheinehof. Here you can produce pig feed. 4. Soutforkranch from the series Dallas, chickens, sheep and horses.
- On the main farm you can make your own seed and your own fertilizer.
- The main courtyard also contains a grain dryer. Here you can dry wheat, gesture and corn.
- The main courtyard also contains a fermenting silo and a feed mixing plant.
- The Stand Coldwater is in reality. Some houses were created on a real model.
- The map does not support the Seasons Mod.
- There are several unloading points.
- The map has different sized fields, 27 pcs.
- There is a placeable area at the main courtyard. Here you can place your own placeble objects. A smaller area can be found on the Soutforkranch.
- Altogether over 350 new houses and objects were installed.
- There are huge forests and of course a small sawmill
- There is an airport, a golf course, there is a non-wheeled train on the map and there are several ways to store fruits.

I hope you like the map Lg -BERNIESCS.

- Frontier
- Marhu
- Blacksheep
- kevink98
- Lancyboy
- ccs101

  • Donnie
    2018-06-28 19:47
    if you add to this map make it where you want have to start it all over again could add mud if everybody no how to make one this good you are great great person I been waiting a long time for this thank you very much
  • Kaffee
    2018-06-28 20:07
    In Deutschland gibt es nur blöde Mapper, so eine scheiss map. Kein Cotton oder Sugarcane. wie dämlich muss man sein.
  • Fabricator
    2018-06-28 21:39
    nice map ! but will not load if you use the straw add on DLC.
  • Used to
    2018-06-28 22:43
    They used to make the best maps you could play on. Meh.
  • Trash
    2018-06-28 22:52
    Yep unfortunately the hype of this map outweighs the actual product. No sugarcane, using a version of the Fabrikscript from 2001, etc. Bernie you need to get with the times dude. Because they have passed you by
  • Take out the trash
    2018-06-29 00:44
    It is an American based map where they don't plant sugarcane.
  • Topgun
    2018-06-29 01:53
    Nice map !!!
  • T-rev
    2018-06-29 02:31
    Very nice looking map. All it needs is seasons ;)
  • Reb1
    2018-06-29 04:53
    Since I live about 45 minutes from Coldwater I guess I'll give it a try.
  • Whatever
    2018-06-29 08:11
    the map had a lot of hype, don't expect too much it's pretty run of the mill. its got texture issues all over the place, its got issues with the animals, etc. even if you fixed all the issues you'd still only have a map thats MEH. bernie needs to update his skills, this was ok for an early fs 15 map, but this map is outdated. probably the last map the guy will make, too bad it wasn't a better one
  • Whatever is stupid
    2018-06-29 08:40
    WHATEVER is a stupid hater, dont listen to him, ìts a great map
  • Tony
    2018-06-29 09:29
    Great Map !
  • Seb


    2018-06-29 13:34
    bien beau mais bcp de chose ne va pas pas de panneaux de controle a la machine a vache et a la machine au cohon a revoir !!!!
  • Maxiumus
    2018-06-29 17:43
    salut tres jolie carte
  • Larry1127
    2018-06-29 22:57
    I never have any problems with Thomas' mods. I have not tried this map yet but I know Thomas' work is excellent
  • Kaffee
    2018-06-29 23:35
    Die Karte ist der letzte Dreck von Deutschen Mapper
  • Fabricator
    2018-06-29 23:45
    @ LARRY1127 Thomas' mods? dude you need to get a clue!
  • Kaffee
    2018-06-30 00:11
    @Larry1127 is a Pampers
  • Kaffee shut up
    2018-06-30 01:17
    and you are a stupid german as well . you are mr no clue at all
  • Tim121672
    2018-06-30 02:22
    After reading all the negative comments, I decided to check the map out. What I found was a beautiful map that looks very realistic. I love the airfield, it gives it a realistic feel unlike most airports in this game. Well done sir! the map is awesome and looks amazing!! Don't believe the negative comments, this is a great map. As a map builder myself, I know a good map when I see one. Keep up the great work and thanks for this..:)
  • Rayamo
    2018-06-30 04:11
    @KAFFEE: Nicht motzen, besser machen! Ich würde mich über einen Link zu einer Map von Dir sehr freuen, nur mal so zum Testen. Meckern ist so einfach. Da gilt aber immer noch die alte Weisheit: Wenn einem eine Map nicht gefällt, braucht man sie nicht downloaden und spielen.
  • Jim


    2018-06-30 04:58
    All i have to say is WOW. Damn good map man. Well done with all the options and functions you have added. Error free also and runs smooth. Thanks for the hard work you put in this!!!
  • Cody
    2018-06-30 05:35
    Crashes my game I when I to load it. =(
  • Kaffee
    2018-06-30 16:46
    @Kaffee shut and @RAYAMO up and you are a stupid Man as well . you are mr no clue at all
  • Tony d
    2018-06-30 19:30
    @More Crap.. i bet you are from FS UK . So play the maps of FS UK and pi** off
  • Berniescs
    2018-07-01 02:46
    OMG, whats going on here ? Clam down, its just a map. I dont get any profit on that, its just my hobby and the deal is very easy ..take it or let it ;-) but there is no need for this trouble ;-) makes me sad that there is so much anger here...so please ..thanks.. @thomas thanks that you offering the map here .cheers & regs Bernie
  • Pascal22140
    2018-07-01 13:31
    very nice map but the silos at the BGA doesn't work. we can't fill them
  • Donnie
    2018-07-01 15:51
    needs season bad and water add on and mud then it will be areal map ill be looking hope I want have to start a new game over
  • Beejaynz
    2018-07-02 00:48
    CodyCODY if you have the chopped straw in your mod folder it may be conflicting with the in game chopped straw
  • Maximus
    2018-07-02 11:25
    salut moi je la trouve superbe cette carte j'ai pas encore lancer une partie pour la tester mais il y a franchement un travail de ouf avec toute les lumières et différentes actions à mettre en route pour ouvrir fermer déployer les rampes les systèmes de vidange de remplissage etc dommage quelle sorte fin farming 2017 mais qui c' est peux être l’aura t on pour fs 2019
  • Clowne
    2018-07-07 17:49
    Nice map.It's now played by Eemhuus & Ko Sjotten @YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCT1efqzGzA7uAfC1kohMXWA
  • Lego55
    2018-07-08 20:20
    this map is not MP ready
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