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OGF USA MAP 2018 v3.0
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OGF USA MAP 2018 v3.0

Hello everybody,

Version 3
- Futtermixer
- Tore

Version 2
- The BGA should only work.
- The Pigfoodmixer should produce Pigfood.
- All outlets should work now.
Lots of little things.

I can not stop .. so there is again an OGF USA MAP.
This is not a realistic map. Model was the area around Coldwater Michigan USA.
- Construction time of the map 6 months
- This map contains all the features of the LS 17
- This map has additional fruits = rye, oats, spelled, etc
- The chopped straw mod was installed
- The Fabirc script was also installed.
- Milk trigger to take away the milk itself. The sale takes place at the Koeger market in the city
- There are 4 farms. 1 The main farm for cows. 2. The BGA 3. The Scheinehof. Here you can produce pig feed. 4. Soutforkranch from the series Dallas, chickens, sheep and horses.
- On the main farm you can make your own seed and your own fertilizer.
- The main courtyard also contains a grain dryer. Here you can dry wheat, gesture and corn.
- The main courtyard also contains a fermenting silo and a feed mixing plant.
- The Stand Coldwater is in reality. Some houses were created on a real model.
- The map does not support the Seasons Mod.
- There are several unloading points.
- The map has different sized fields, 27 pcs.
- There is a placeable area at the main courtyard. Here you can place your own placeble objects. A smaller area can be found on the Soutforkranch.
- Altogether over 350 new houses and objects were installed.
- There are huge forests and of course a small sawmill
- There is an airport, a golf course, there is a non-wheeled train on the map and there are several ways to store fruits.

I hope you like the map Lg -BERNIESCS.

- Frontier
- Marhu
- Blacksheep
- kevink98
- Lancyboy
- ccs101

  • Hmadsen
    2018-07-11 15:58
    Thanks for the update BERNIESCS
  • Kleeblatt
    2018-07-11 16:59
    danke für die Überarbeitung und Bereitstellung der wunderschönen MAP. Kann man gerne weiter empfehlen....
  • Donnie
    2018-07-12 00:30
    still no water therough add on or mud
  • Ned


    2018-07-12 04:09
    This ain't final till it has seasons......
  • Antone52
    2018-07-13 04:34
    Hiya, the map is great but!!!!! When you drive anywhere near field 4 and 5, left corner, the game crashes, no matter what vehicle your in, have tried various versions they all act the same, PITY
  • Antone52
    2018-07-13 13:46
    Further to my last comment, Have re-installed FS2017, removed Mod folder, replaced with new mod folder, only mod in folder was OGF USA MAP 2018 V3.0, still, when I drive to Left end field 4 and 5 game crashes!!!!Cant think of what else to do, does anyone else have this problem????
  • Antone52
    2018-07-13 14:41
    Have installed every version of this map!!!Only to find that they all crash at the corner of field 4 and 5!!!Can anyone help!!
  • Antone52
    2018-08-12 17:42
    Have just downloaded your great map, but as before, all you need to do is drive down the left side of field 4, and it crashes as before!!!!!!!!Any chance of fixing it?
  • American farmer
    2018-08-24 20:09
    JESUS ANTONE52...Spam much?!?!?
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