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Oklahoma City v1.1
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Oklahoma City v1.1

Welcome to the Oklahoma City map

Version 1.1
- Water, seeds and fertilizer From the farm
- A seed and fertilizer production on the added so that you can also store on the farm
- Second meadow
- texture changed by the bridge as well as the driveways from the farm
- Mistakes at the Second Court for the Ingestion of grain In addition, a court BGA has been added which is only responsible for manure
- Speed ​​cameras are corrected and signs are now also available
- Gas station added to the farm
- Correction pallet carrier bug fixed (sheep)

PS .: The wind wheel is for that one does not come to the minus under other people for the heavy games

It is a converted standard map!

What has changed:
Speed ​​camera with function
Large meadow
New textures for buildings and grain
Roller doors with reflector Functional
Lamps with nightlight function added
A train station at the farm

Courtyard 1:
Pig Master 2000 for Big Pack Pig What you can sell
Feed silo
Pigs / sheep stables as well as chickens and cowshed
Entrance gates for pastures Functional
Milchtank with milk extraction
Court BGA

Hof 2:
2 x silo
Strawball field
Halls with sliding doors

Sawmill :
At the sawmill there are halls where you can store some!
Have fun

Modell: Blitzer Chefkoch_LS2011
Idee / Konzept:

  • Nito
    2016-12-13 18:58
    dommage que les porte de la ferme ne s’ouvre pas
  • Faelandaea
    2016-12-13 20:24
    And now we have a new version of a map that is just another Goldcrest clone and not even related to the part of the world Oklahoma is in LOL.
  • Kk


    2016-12-15 01:08
    do you live in oklahoma
  • Mack
    2016-12-15 03:55
    I would be nice to have something to make fuel. like a silage plant that makes fuel. Also is anyone having problems with the forage maker. cant seem to get grass or silage in it.
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