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Oklahoma USA 2017 Map v1.0
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Oklahoma USA 2017 Map v1.0

This is the rebuild of my FS15 Oklahoma USA map for FS17.  Still 4X map with 51 fields.  Now includes factories which are listed further below.  Unzip the file to find the map file along with the zzz_cropMowing file necessary to mow the alfalfa and clover--if you already have this from another map, you don't need this version as I just included for those who may not have it yet.

Lots of changes from the '15 version.  There are now 5 farms--main, farms1-3, and the livestock farm which now houses ALL animals.  You can buy additional chickens inside the building attached to the pen.  More sell points added.  Any fields separated by "mowable" grass can be plowed together.  There are 2 good sized forests--a Spruce farm in the NE corner behind the dealership and a mixed one NE of Mary's farm.  

Here are some other details straight from the README located in the Credits.txt file included with the download:
--Map is setup for use with choppedStraw, clipDistanceFPS, and Seasons Mod--highly recommend all!
--PDA Map shows all factories/production facilities in GREEN--these do not have to be used if you prefer straight farming map.
--Map setup with custom Seasons Mod weather and temps but will be overwritten by any GEO mods that are used.
--Hayfields (hayF1/hayF2/hayF3 marked on pda) can be resown without plowing--Courseplay will recognize boundaries by using "detect" function
--Speeding up time beyond 120 can cause problems with fields being properly planted/cultivated by AI--do at your own risk
--All 51 fields feature missions (good luck doing 6 or 13 though)  ;D
--Bank of Hagensted mod works allowing for leasing/selling of fields--However, just know that even after selling/lease lapse, Courseplay will still show field as selectable
--Cannot fill water from ponds--water pump houses are located at each farm
--zzz_cropMowing must be in your mods folder to be able to mow Alfalfa and Clover--GreenMowing Mod does not work per my testing and will likely conflict with zzz_cropMowing--I would not have both in mods folder
--Cotton Gin accepts both cotton bales and loose cotton so you are free to harvest it how you like
--All farm silos only accept cereal grains plus seeds and seeds2--peanuts, cotton, potatoes, and sugarBeets will have to be stored in piles or sold
--Lime and compost both function as fertilizer--Lime is used in dry fert spreaders/compost in manure spreaders
--Each farm has a level placeables area--size varies by farm with the largest(marked on PDA) at the main farm--an additional area is available SW of Dairy (marked on PDA)
--Starting money is:  5MM on easy, 3.5MM on normal, and 2MM on hard--Extra cash can be found for those willing to make a splash and maybe a fool of themselves in public

  Sugar--input:  sugarBeet or sorghum(milo) and water  output:  sugar pallet
  Brewery--input:  wheat, barley, and water  output:  beer pallet
  CompostMaster2K7--input:  potato/sugarBeet/chaff/silage/grass/hay/woodChips/manure/straw and fuel  output:  compost(functions like fertilizer)
  Bread--input:  flour pallet, water, and sugar pallet  output:  bread pallet
  Biscuit--input:  oat, flour pallet, butter pallet, and sugar pallet  output:  biscuit pallet
  Soy Plant--input:  soybean, water, and fuel  output:  liquidManure, milk, and pigFood
  Sawmill--input:  fuel and logs  output:  woodChips and pallet
  iceCream--input:  milk, cream pallet, and sugar pallet  output:  iceCream pallet
  dairy--input:  milk  output:  cream pallet and butter pallet
  Flour--input:  Grains(rye/oat/wheat/barley/maize)  output:  flour pallet
  Lumber--input:  straw/wool/woodChips and logs  output:  board pallet and woodChips
  Lime--input:  fuel  output:  lime(functions like dry fertilizer)
  Refinery--input:  rape  output:  fuel, forage, and digestate
  Tims Tables--input:  logs  output:  table pallet
  Bens Joinery--input:  logs  output:  barrels, cargoBox, and pallet
  Greenhouses--input:  water, compost, and manure  output:  cauliflower/melon/tomato/pumpkin/lettuce pallet

Known issues/bugs:
--Multiplayer will throw an error based on the starting money setup--just "comment out" or delete the money part from ModMap.lua found in the "scripts" file to eliminate
--Log is clean for single player--If you are getting any errors, you have a mod conflict
--HIGHLY recommend running this map as the only map in your mods folder to avoid conflicts

Map creator: cjwilksy
Base map: modMapTemplateV7 by Stevie
Map Testers: lostaviator, txzar, jb3pc4sale, slowboat, canhlr, fordman992, and wayner1a7
Soil color textures files: made with tool available on Giants Developer Network
Skybox: oxygendavid and bulletbill (used with permission)
clipDistanceFPS: Ian898 - Frontier Design
Grain dryer with fans: JohnDeere1952
American Hog shed: 812farmer
Ranch Fencing: Sandgropper
Farm Fencing: Sandgropper
Numerous Farm Buildings: CBJ Midwest Modding
LMS Buildings by LazyModStudios Modding
SukupBinPack by ThompsonM06
Hutchinson grain pump pack: musicman
Anhydrous Tanks by IB055
Powerlines & Coops by DocElyoc
Road Construction Kit v3 - Fatian -Texture by blueweb
Guard Rails - Fendt512
WoodenSigns - Thunderace
Radio Tower - Raptor5
John Deere Vehicle Shop: somethingonmyshoe
McDonalds - Basti_66
Barns - Axel of Sweden
Trucks - seba j
bigmigmag, workshop equipment - JauchenPaule
Bridge - Fatian
CoverAll Building - Fraser Cow
PavementMarkings - FrankWienberg
Neuero NL10 Grain Bins: Kyosho's-Modfactory
White and Black tin textures: RANDOMSparks
Metal Fence posts: LMBFarmer
Hayshed: JDB14

Various objects used from the following maps: UMRV, Mills County, County Line, Elkhorn River Bottom, Ozark Hills, and Old Mill Farms.

**Please let me know if I have missed anyone in the credits..it is NOT intentional as I believe in giving proper credit where credit is due. Feedback can be left on the support topic at American Eagles Modding website.

  • Cgb76
    2018-09-02 15:24
    0 0
    no me funciona el mapa, no aparece en el juego q podra ser?
  • Raven2971
    2018-09-02 20:58
    0 0
    CGB76 you half to unzip the file it has other files in side you half to take out thats why it wont work for you
  • Bob


    2018-09-03 05:36
    0 0
    Map is not to bad, good field sizes, lots o fruit types, but could do with more types being added, The environment of the map is not the best, it is to Dark during the night time hours.Factories are okay but the Pallet Collectors could be removed to give us a better means of using Course Play. this would need the output pads being replaced. Bob.
  • Csx68
    2018-09-03 18:00
    0 0
    first comment: unzip the filesecond comment: good job on helping the dude outthird comment: GO TO FEDERAL PRISON THAT TALK EVEN ON THE INTERNET IS TREASONfourth comment: i could not agree more
  • Bob


    2018-09-03 21:52
    0 0
    To Author......This map has additional fruits,but some or most of them have no storage location for them. Farms ( 1 2 3 ) do not accept fruit types Bob
  • Slowboat
    2018-09-04 04:38
    0 0
    Bob, it says in the description that you will have to store those items on the ground or sell those items. You could also use a placeable silo to store those items.
  • Schrott
    2018-09-04 17:27
    0 0
    scheiss Map, lässt sich nicht abspeichern, alle arbeit umsonst
  • Faelandaea
    2018-09-05 01:22
    0 0
    Not sure what he was on about. Yes, you can save fine. map works great, optimized so i can play at a nice, flat 60 FPS, and everything works as expected. Been playing this map since it was uploaded on live stream.
  • Gerhard
    2018-09-05 22:16
    0 0
    Any chance it will be put on Modhub? The Mediafire link always quits somewhere between 40% and 50%.
  • Blacky
    2018-09-06 23:15
    0 0
    pile garbage mod doesn't even work you go to play it and it crashes 10 times what a friggin waste of time
  • Hmmm
    2018-09-07 05:15
    0 0
    I cannot for the life of me mow the alfalfa or clover...... removed all mods blah blah blah. Is there something i'm missing. actually removed all mods and only left zzz crop mowing. seems like a conflict but.... i'm no mod specialist.
  • Simon
    2018-09-09 09:41
    0 0
    what trailer do i use to collect the cream the kotte pack not working
  • Faelandaea
    2018-09-09 17:45
    0 0
    Simon ... the Cream is on pallets. You collect them with a forklift or a trailer that has UAL. Also, for those complaining your game is crashing, something else is causing that. I have hundreds of mods active and this map hasn't crashed a single time since I started playing it. In fact I'll be playing this map all day today.
  • Simon
    2018-09-10 00:25
    0 0
    im pretty sure thats butter there is a silo on the other end of building which shows the amount of cream
  • Gary
    2018-09-21 18:53
    0 0
    This is a great map however I started having issues with the game freezing. I have removed all other maps and even reduced the amount of mods. It worked great for the first 6 hours before this issue. I really got into this map but now disappointed that I can no longer play.
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