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OklahomaRevised FS17 v1.0.0.1
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OklahomaRevised FS17 v1.0.0.1

Today i present the oklahoma map fs15 to fs17. All shaders have been upated. added multifruit to the map and alot od sell points around the map. there is also a forestry areas around the map. verious sell points for wood and wood chips. pda has been updated. i have kept it as maeircan style as possible but with a few ingame things that are scattered around. this is v1 so might be a error or two but i have done well with keeping errors out of the log.All animals present at the new main farm with a greenhouse potato washer potato steamer storage and mixing stations for the animals.there is also butter production soymilk production and budweiser production. milk can be collected from the cows and sold at the debalk buidling and liquid manure. trains run between sell points. the second train can sell at the wood trigger and the end of the map. good starting vehicles are avaible to start production right away.Everything will be added in the unzip me folder to be added to your mods for everything to work properly. 
Have fun and any feed back is welcome to improve the map.

FS15 Credits Giants Map creator: cjwilksy Base map: Idaho 2015 Edit by Farmer Klink and Diesel Boss; Original Idaho map: blueweb Map Testers: cjwilksy, JohnDeere1952, killerrf, Deere_Guy, blakealig1, AndyC, and nomadjc Soil color textures files: KimG

  • Sdl


    2017-02-06 12:02
    il aurai pas un probleme a ta map 1.853 que la map ???
  • Le  canard
    2017-02-06 12:52
    o lieux d ouvrir ta bouche par tous "SDL" regarde et apprend c un " unpack.rar " un winrar avec plusieurs fichier dedans
  • Sdl


    2017-02-06 13:44
    LE CANARD au lieux de dire des grosse betisse regarde avants et tu voix que la map fait 1.833 bizarre !
  • Sdl


    2017-02-06 13:51
    et de 2 je ecire ce que je veux si ca te plait pas c'est le meme prix
  • Bob (wires)
    2017-02-06 15:56
    I am still getting a Lock-up of the Game when I harvest the "additional Fruits:. Clock stops and a "ctrl,alt,del" is required to recover. No problem with Default Fruits. Bob.
  • Mike
    2017-02-06 18:10
    @Bob : If you have CCM mod enabled, try to disabled it. I had the exact same issue on another map, and CCM was in fault.
  • Chris
    2017-02-07 19:06
    Hi all i can't even get the map to show up in the game and i know it's in the mod folder so what could be going on thanks for any help if you can.
  • Rayamo
    2017-02-10 06:41
    @MIKE: What is the "CCM mod"?
  • Rayamo
    2017-02-10 07:13
    if I try the harvest a fiel with a helper, the game does not freeze but it doesn't react on any orders, mouse or keyboard. the harvester is running and running an running and than CTRL+ALT+DEL to close the game.
  • Regularguy
    2017-02-13 01:30
    Update is coming once giants brings out patch after they messed up on 1.4 update so please be patient all added fruits fixed
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