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Old Forage Wagons Tandem v1.0.0.0
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Old Forage Wagons Tandem v1.0.0.0

Old Forage Wagons Tandem Version

This pack contains ten different loaders from ten different manufacturers and based on krone turbo 3500. The forage wagon are suitable for medium-sized farmers.

Price: 25000 €
Daily Upkeep: 40 € / day
Capacity: 24500l
Needed Power: 60hp
Max. Working speed: 15 km / h

- FS17 standard functions (new converted from FS15)
- Dynamic hoses (configurable)
- Buyable blades
- Changeable blades (configurable)
- Silage additives (Silage tank configurable)
- Buyable silage additives tank
- Animated scraperfloor
- New animated parts
- New sounds (Scraperfloor)
- Brand configurable (Decals)
- Available colors for the desired brand (Some parts can be single configuarble with differnt colors)
- Wheel Configuration
- Configurable parts

Fabian/Gogobear, Tornuto, penni1000, Stefan Maurus, Der Tester

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