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OLD IRON JD 60 Series FWA v1.0
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OLD IRON JD 60 Series FWA v1.0

Welcome to old American IRON JD 60 series FWA TRACTOR, this is an old iron tractor john deere series 60 FWA, if you don't admire or like old farm equipment, this is not for you.
One mod, many versions all error free.
This is my mod from my mod folder. Copying, modifying, spreading, and sharing is  highly anticipated, accepted, allowed, and approvedby giants license agreement for world wide distribution.
No longer a private mod shared to only a few american modders who refuse to share it,  this is my gift to you, my gift to the caucausus.


  • Ford fan
    2017-10-13 00:06
    John Deere never made fwa front axle tractors in the 60 series it was MFWD (mechanical four wheel Drive) just so you know.
  • @fordfan
    2017-10-13 01:23
    This mod was named long ago, not my issue, not my mod, just shared it where many others refused to, otherwise no one would have had these mods. But yes you are right. I knew it didn't sound right but not my call to change it up now. Thanks.
  • Ford fan
    2017-10-13 03:05
    ill agree with you folks wouldn't have these if it wasn't for your kindness of putting these here, i got these a while back but had to look high & low as i wanted the 4960, any chance of putting up more stuff from the creators of this mod, i have the CASE Ih old iron pack & this one & the AC old iron pack as well as the farmall old iron pack & versatile old iron pack, where these found on a FB page?
  • Jeff
    2017-10-13 06:56
    Love these old Irons you keep post i'll keep downloading, my kids love them too!
  • Silviu1993
    2017-10-14 14:18
    mod review here..................https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CnI6KIrgeZU
  • @ford fan
    2017-10-16 00:55
    They are all uploaded now but a few tractors with issues. I fixed any minor stuff and uploaded them for the reason of whoever wants to tweak them can, like someone has put rice patty tires on the 8000 series and it looks good. The only reason to share was because no one else was, not to burn or tick off anyone, but these are very nice mods, very worth sharing. Glad so many enjoy them.
  • @ford fan
    2017-10-16 00:58
    I got them from a modder who saw them on a certain persons youtube channel. He went out there and paraded them around saying look at me, then deleted all the links. So I waited about 2 months, and no one sharing them coming from this group, so I took action and shared them.
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