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OLD IRON JD Series 2WD v1.0.0
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OLD IRON JD Series 2WD v1.0.0

Welcome to old American IRON JD 4955, 4755, 4850, 4555, 4650 series 2wd TRACTOR, this is an old iron tractor john deere series 2wd, if you don't admire or like old farm equipment, this is not for you.

One mod, many versions all error free.

This is my mod from my mod folder. Copying, modifying, spreading, and sharing is  highly anticipated, accepted, allowed, and approvedby giants license agreement for world wide distribution.
No longer a private mod shared to only a few american modders who refuse to share it,  this is my gift to you, my gift to the caucausus.


  • Terry
    2017-10-12 21:23
    hey guest try to find a up to date new john deere combine if u can
  • @terry
    2017-10-13 01:20
    Ok, will look for one, what model do you have in mind?
  • Silviu1993
    2017-10-14 14:28
    mod review here,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C20SW8F40Vs
  • Terry
    2017-10-14 23:05
    what ever uptodate one that is new on the market this days terry
  • Name
    2017-10-15 02:32
    @@terry how about a deere 95 combine?
  • Terry
    2017-10-15 18:29
    that will be fine and it will be cool
  • Terry
    2017-10-15 19:02
    where u goin to upload it at so i can download it
  • Terry
    2017-10-15 22:31
    or where can i find that combine to download it
  • @terry
    2017-10-16 01:03
    Sorry, been offline for a while. You can always check the following sites for old combines, fs-uk.com and modhoster.com Those have been around the longest with the best collection, also google with key words "john deere combine farming simulator" and start combing the net, thats what we have done for years. Foreign mod sites usually have a great collection if you know where to look haha and sorry, that is a modders secret ;-)
  • @terry
    2017-10-16 01:14
    Education 101 - Take note, there are 10,000 mods times probably 10,000 mods not seen in years if you know where to look, here is a fantastic site, http://ls2013mods.eu/category/farming-simulator-2013/
  • @terry
    2017-10-16 01:16
    http://ls2013mods.eu/john-deere-2058-pack-v-2-1/needs conversion,
  • @terry
    2017-10-16 01:21
    http://ls2013.info/john-deere-w540-v-2-0-mr/ignore the MR, that can easily be taken out of the XML before conversion
  • @terry
    2017-10-16 01:23
    http://ls2013.info/john-deere-8820-turbo-v-1-1/real old school JD combine
  • Terry
    2017-10-16 22:19
    how do u convert combines from one to the other
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