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Old listens Map v1.0.0
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Old listens Map v1.0.0

Welcome to Dorfbach and Grünwald.
You are managing one farm with cows, sheeps , chickens and pigs which you bought from a auction.
To have a second start with the farm you need to grow your crops, and harvest them to get the money to buy new machinery.

-100% Multiplayers
-25 fields
-All Basic Cultures
-All animals
-Doors Open/close
-Lighting at night
-Manual lighting in the farm.
-1 farm with all collected animals
-BGA BioGaz
-Collision to Bunker silos and buildings
-Water reflexion
-100% Fields mission

Tutorial and Support

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BlackSheep Modding

  • Zorlac
    2016-11-26 17:24
    SUPER BELLE...Question, pourquoi supprimez vous tous le train, qui est une belle nouveauté sur farming !!!!
  • Kikou
    2016-11-26 17:37
    car on es sur farming et pas sur train simulator !!
  • Zorlac
    2016-11-26 18:41
    ces vrais mais ces pas moi qui l'ai installer par défaut, vois sa avec les concepteurs du jeu !et puis si tu veut en venir la il y à bien d'autre mods qui n'ont rien à faire sur un jeu d'agriculture Non....tes vraiment un kikou toi !!!!
  • Woody
    2016-11-27 03:31
    Thanks guys,This was by far one of the best single player maps for FS15 and is the best so far in FS17 in my opinion. I was hoping the train would be used,but nobody seems to be doing anything with the train.Awesome map
  • Nico 007
    2016-11-27 16:37
    hallo bei mir get die map nicht die ladet die ganze zeit dan habe ich mit mein handy gespielt dan habe ich gekukt immer noch bei laden dan habe noch mal neu das spiel gestarte dan die map aus gewält aber die ganze zeit ladet die map es get nicht weiter könntet ihr mir bitte weiter helfen ich sag jetz schon mal danke :)
  • Seb
    2016-11-27 18:53
    inpossible de donne la nourriture au pigg!!!
  • Andre
    2016-11-28 17:29
    o radio não funciona neste mapa começa mais para Porque ?????
  • Agri virt
    2016-11-29 00:44
    il me semble qu'il y a un mur devant le déchargement des copeaux de bois???
  • Alexandro
    2016-12-01 03:40
    Apparently I'm not the only one who has issues with the pig's through. The only way to unload food in it it's to quit and restart the game for every crop! There's also something going on with the wood chipping selling point, like an invisible obstacle just in front of it. Other than that, the map is really nice.
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