Farming simulator 2019 mods
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Welcome to the open spaces of Siberia! Here you will have to deal mainly with agriculture: field cultivation (standard crops) and animal husbandry (cows, pigs, sheep and chickens). You can also do logging or transport sand from the quarry to a concrete plant and construction site! The map is optimized! Milk will have to be transported manually! All the necessary equipment in the archive (ARCHIVE UNPACK !!!) Version 0.7.1 - The landscape has been changed and finalized. - Fixed silos. - Removed dirt from the fields and reduced the amount of dirt on the map itself. - Added new plants (for scenery). - Improved carpool and personal home. - Added your traffic. - Added moreRealistic mod (now physics on the map of this technique is more realistic). - Added starter technology adapted to the moreRealistic mod. The PAK mod technique contains: - Lada "NIVA" - MTZ 82.1 (PKU + dump). - MTZ 82.1 Stogomet. - Combine SK-5 "NIVA". - GAZ 3307. - GAZ 3309 Milk carrier. - URAL 4320 farmer and trailer. - PTS-6. - Pak plows. - Seeder 3-SZC-2.1. - Garages and hangars (Hide equipment from the map). Have a nice game!


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