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Orange and Black Peterbilt 388 Custom v1.0
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Orange and Black Peterbilt 388 Custom v1.0

Orange and black custom Peterbilt 388 converted from FS15. After a bit of work, everything works perfect.
Please keep the original download link.

Connjero Kenworth58(2) Ivan Chris (Ace) Cedric Polarexpress17 Bay0net Mado Big Joe Hute John (Ford4ever) That Random Guy Ventures87 (wendi) Cascadia Kramarj LMBFarmer Colonel #13 RBR-DUK James60470 Seriousmods Diesel Boss Rambow145 And converted by Shadowr434

  • Jbeard00
    2017-02-09 20:35 Send message
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    I cannot get this to download with sharemods.com can you upload a different way?
  • Jimmyblues
    2017-02-10 01:20 Send message
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    @JBEAR00 don't bother. the camera is messed up if you tilt it down it goes under the map and won't go back even after you reset the truck. I made a fresh profile and it still does it, that's the problem with sharemods you have a 50 50 chance on getting a bad download OR it's a bad mod to begin with.
  • Yep


    2017-02-10 12:22 Send message
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    Its an atf piece of shit to start with and not even there truck its just another shit reskin of seriousmods Pete he released at the beginning of 15.
  • Jbeard00
    2017-02-15 01:20 Send message
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    Thx jimmy blues. Sweet truck I was really excited about it.
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