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PA. Farming Beta v2.0
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PA. Farming Beta v2.0

This is an updated version of Pa Farming Beta V1. New Farms, Fields, Massive forests and logging areas fixed spawn point for character. 
Did not fix where starting vehicles spawn. [ Do Not Be Alarmed By where The Starting Vehicles Spawn]. Sell All Equipment and buy new from the shop. The new equipment will spawn in the map at the store
The map is Playable and enjoyable. But Do Note That The Map is Still A Work In Progress. Thank You 

About This File
This is one of my first maps will be slight errors but nothing that will cause crashes. Some sell points may not work in this version this is early access. Still will be working on the map for a while kept me posted with errors and things you would like added. Thank you Enjoy. Joethefarmerboss

Joethefarmerboss cwj modding, linbejb modding both used for buildings and giants

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    2018-01-08 11:19
    4 Pictures o no OMG
  • Brock
    2018-01-09 00:46
    sukup bins are old news !search google pretty sure you can find better looking bins for your map!
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