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Pack ITRunner v1.0
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Pack ITRunner v1.0

Man 2 designs
Itrunner 2 axis and 3 axis
Semitrailer Itrunner
Dolly design select


  • Bumblebee4264
    2017-04-02 16:00
    It says the file is corrupt each time I try to unRAR the file, and I can't fix it.Please do.
  • Modtest
    2017-04-02 19:37
    Baixei e testei o arquivo aqui, descompactou normal, tente baixar novamente e use outro descompactador .
  • Herk71
    2017-04-03 04:42
    Down loaded fine, best Mod I've seen in a long time Thank you :) Please is it possible for you or anyone else out there to make an IT Runner stock/cattle transport deck.
  • User
    2017-04-05 00:50
    as Bumblebee4264 said the file is broken please fix it looks amazing i wanna use it
  • Faelandaea
    2017-04-08 08:24
    It's "broken" on purpose. Mod authors "corrupt" the mod so it can be read by the game, but not extracted. It supposedly prevents people from "stealing" work. But this is easy to bypass. Just load up Linux and extract the files anyway then toss them back into Windows.
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