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Pack Kamaz FOR THE CARD RUSSIA v2.9.1
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Pack Kamaz FOR THE CARD RUSSIA v2.9.1

Changes v2.9.1:
1. Added semi-trailer gas carrier - volume 35 cub.
2. Fixed a problem with dynamic hoses on trailers NEFAZ-8560-02 and Nefaz-8332Ref.
3. The PRL-11 trailer is now being purchased.
4. Fixed collision on the Kamaz and the gas carrier trailer.
5. The volume of the fuel semi-trailer and semi-trailers Nefaz-93344 is increased to 35 cubic meters.
6. The volume of small semi-trailers is returned - 25 cubic meters.
7. Increased the volume of ITRuner tanks to 18 cubic meters.


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