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Pallet Capacity Upgrade v1.0.4
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Pallet Capacity Upgrade v1.0.4

Pallet Capacity Upgrade

Fixed bug stopping you filling trailers

Update 1.0.3
Fixed weight
Added German Translation

Update 1.0.2
Changed capacity to half to allow for 'weight'
Changed price due to capacity

Update 1.0.1
Fixed Multiplayer
No longer deletes pallets on leaving the game

This is a simple mod that creates the default pallets but with a higher capacity.
Pig Feed - Capacity: 5,000 Price: 5,500
Liquid Fertilizer - 10,000 Price: 8,500
Solid Fertilizer - Capacity: 10,000 Price: 12,000
Seeds Capacity: 10,000 Price: 7,500

Jay (xBlur)

  • Hsayar
    2016-11-18 13:03
    The high capacity was not convincing. I would like to be able to start the Unloading process like "BigbagSeeds" Mode prepared by "EuroDzn" for the FS15 from the Kleve, and the pallets to be refillable.
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