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Pallet Capacity Upgrade v1.0
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Pallet Capacity Upgrade v1.0

Pallet Capacity Upgrade
This is a simple mod that creates the default pallets but with a higher capacity.
Pig Feed - Capacity: 5,000 Price: 5,500
Liquid Fertilizer - 10,000 Price: 8,500
Solid Fertilizer - Capacity: 10,000 Price: 12,000
Seeds Capacity: 10,000 Price: 7,500

Jay (xBlur)

  • Paul
    2016-10-30 17:04
    Hi this is a good idea, I have found a slight problem however all unused bags disappear from the game if you leave and return. Hope you can find a fix for this keep up the good work
  • Ken


    2016-10-30 18:30
    Another problem, it does not function in multi mode.
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