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Pallet Wagon v0.1
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Pallet Wagon v0.1

There is a range Wagon and is inserted through a Modmap.
He hatt 3 tensioning belts, and can go no vehicles loading, but pallets.
Much satisfied there is not, the folder we inserted in the Modmap and entered via map01_trainSystem01 or map01_trainSystem02 and adjusted the path completed
It is my first mod here therefore you can you Stupid clerk sparen.je after he arrives, he wrd improved and it will possibly be other things to do so.
So and now to the rear bank if you have somewhere high loads the mods differently, but then please at least with original link
MFG Logic Bomb

Modell: gigants
Textur: Gigants / ?
Idee / Konzept: Ich

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