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Parkers Prairie v1.4
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Parkers Prairie v1.4

X4 Usa map
1 large diary, 1 large crop farm and one small pig/sheep/chicken farm.
Scattered yards with seperate storage/seed/fertilizer and fuel.
Large, medium, small fields.
Added crops oat, rye, millet and lime.
Chopped straw mod required.

Map By Me :)
CBJ Midwest Modding
Every one that answered my questions on various Forums
If I've missed any one sorry, let me know and I'll update the credits

  • Donnie
    2017-06-06 01:58
    needs mud traffic season mod with snow get to work now then be a good map add trains if you going make a map make it right
  • Donnie`s teacher
    2017-06-06 03:07
    Oh you haven learnt your lesson this week either, you need too study harder
  • Donnie's teacher's daddy
    2017-06-06 04:16
    Young lady, you need to work harder if you want that cuck. ;) Start ringing in the cash now or you will get whipped.
  • Warondar
    2017-06-07 00:29
    "Yes, cause all maps without mud or snow totally suck."Can 'easily' add it to the maps you play if you are so inclined to play in the mud and snow.
  • Ron


    2017-06-07 00:42
    why the fuck would you want to add snow to a map? this aint blizzard simulator!!!!go play ATS if you want snow in your damn map!!!!!
  • Zombiexxxrage17
    2017-06-07 05:30
    Donnie stfu, don't needs trains lol, trains are a waste of time and space.. if u can't mod then don't give your opinion
  • Name
    2017-06-07 10:26
    great map :), well done
  • Name
    2017-06-08 07:07
    rattle snake map has modded train system. so it can be done
  • Cooper
    2017-06-09 00:19
    nice map a bit narrow for AI when turn on fields if use big machine like BB or challenger AI constant get stuck but easy fix with ground roller and wild grass mod.
  • Name
    2017-06-09 07:05
    where's the milk machine or the trigger?
  • Rickt
    2017-10-26 08:10
    I really like your map, but I have one request, could you please add a sell point for logs?
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