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PDA MAP for southhemes Private Edition
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PDA MAP for southhemes Private Edition

Hello Farmer,

Version PDA MAP für Suedhemmern V Special Nikolaus Edition V 13
Die PDA MAp wurde der neuen Version angepasst, zusätzliche Gebäude hinzugefügt.

have here the PDA map of the southern hemisphere v12 private edition re-created, since in the original version net everything was updated.
To use the PDA map, open the Mod Suedhemmern_LS17.zip with the unpacker of your choice and replace the original pda_map_H.dds with this one.
To do this, go to the maps folder and replace this PDA map with the PC mouse, save and close the zip.
Important!: backup or rename old pda_map_H.dds z, B in pda_map_H_Orginal.dds
Have fun with the harvest


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