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Perestroyka 1986 v2.0
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Perestroyka 1986 v2.0

- Map REJECTION such as in fs 15
- Many additional crops
- Transportation of passengers and residents of the USSR
- Soviet buildings in high-quality textures
- Removal of garbage at the waste processing plant (there are garbage trucks)


  • Fantomas
    2017-12-27 18:12
    attention il y a n virus dans le zip
  • Thefare
    2017-12-27 20:21
    Hacked Do not download Trojan will embed
  • Thefare
    2017-12-27 20:24
    Sad wanted to haul garbage. :(
  • Jacky
    2017-12-27 20:44
    n'apparait pas , une idée
  • Jacky
    2017-12-27 20:45
    Does not appear in the game, an idea?
  • Tim121672
    2017-12-27 21:25
    WARNING!!!!!!!!! WORM VIRUS DETECTED!!!!! This is not worth downloading, NO MOD OR MAP is worth crashing your pc..... I'm not a troll so be warned, this is a legit threat!!
  • Backing tim121672
    2017-12-28 02:02
    sane here my laptop lit up like a light show at a rave blocked me until it removed thre vires#
  • I´m
    2017-12-28 12:09
    Don´t download this file. This is not a map for fs17, the moddesc is for fs15 and have three files with extension .exe is detected like a worms. This is not a mod playable.
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