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Perestroyka Map v2.0.4.1
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Perestroyka Map v2.0.4.1

Map Rebuilding for Farming Simulator 17. All the functionality is taken from the map of the gifts of the Caucasus. Working quarry and factories. On the map Perestroika a mud script is implemented. And, in the swamp, each wheel will tie in its own way. In addition to standard crops, carrots, onions, oats and rye are also available for sowing. With animals also, in addition to standard calves and piglets are available. There is plenty of production in Perestroika, too. You can create the following products: canned food, bread, condensed milk, biscuits, sugar, pivasik, sunflower oil, packed (husk, cake), wheat flour, rye (bran), corn. However, it should be remembered that all products have different weights. So, if you are engaged in the transportation of cement, the trailer will specifically sit and pull it will be difficult, and if you drive hops, you can safely dissect, even on steep slopes. Throughout the territory of the map the railroad tracks have disappeared. There is even a train that moves along rails carrying numerous trailers. There is a port, a sawmill, numerous industrial facilities and many others. The fields here are more than enough. All animals and cultures are present here. There are even animated species of cows, sheep that do not belong to you, and they are owned by other farmers. There are also any "live" horses, dogs, cats, eagles, gulls and even slippery snakes. A few words about the trains: they have their own timetable, there can only be one train on the tracks. There are trains for specific needs, i.e. they are engaged in the transportation of certain types of goods from the station. They are a normal functional train, which hums, brakes, and if you stop it yet, then you will run into a fine.


  • Anti-pays de l'est
    2018-03-15 22:15
    que s'est laid !
  • Bob


    2018-03-16 01:57
    i am sitting under the opening for sand and gravel but nothing how does this work please
  • Bob


    2018-03-16 01:59
    i am sitting under the opening for sand and gravel but nothing how does this work please,in the quarry i should of said
  • Simp logging
    2018-03-16 09:05
    When under press on keyboard R
  • Neness
    2018-03-16 10:03
    la map sacade la carriere le sable et le gravier ne fonctionne pas il y a des portes qui ne souvre pas et les routes et les chemins on ne les vois pas bien il faut les deviner
  • Bob


    2018-03-16 16:17
    Patriot your comment has nothing to do with this mod why dont you take your snowflake ass somewhere else your just embarrassing yourself on here,
  • Postho
    2018-03-18 15:23
    I really like the Map. LICENSE Where is the Forestry Dept. ? There are a few icons ( like the realtors office } on the building I cannot open even during regular business hours.
  • Rondo
    2018-03-20 20:36
    Sand and gravel pit don't work and also the garden center has no sell point for hops,only for hay and straw.In general?,map need serious work ;(
  • Jim


    2018-03-22 20:02
    To buy Tree cutting licenses, it's building at the garden center entrance and to sell hops and bran its out back or just north side of garden center and I could not get sand and gravel to work either. I hit R key and got choice for sand or gravel but would not load anything .
  • Tommy_uk
    2018-05-18 15:07
    Sometimes sand and gravel points can take up to 20 seconds for product to start arriving in your trailer. It's simulating the collection of raw product then moving it along the conveyor belt to you. Try waiting a little while
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