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Perestroyka v0.5
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Perestroyka v0.5

Mod will add an incredibly beautiful, large Russian map "Perestoyka 1986". From the name it is not difficult to guess what period is represented on it.

The card compares favorably with other Russian maps. If you want to plunge into the atmosphere of the 80's, it will do just fine.

Railways have spread throughout the map. There is even a train that moves on rails, carrying numerous trailers. There is a port, a sawmill, numerous industrial facilities and many others. The fields here are more than enough. All standard animals and cultures are present here.

This is an evaluation version. It introduces you to the terrain and landscape. Please provide feedback.


  • Apolonius
    2017-03-24 03:23
    Brilliant. Very realistic and awesome. It seems that this map comes from the people that did "Dary Kavkaza", only it is bigger, better and more beautiful. Congratulations for excellent job! For the next month I already know what map I will be playing.
  • Apolonius
    2017-03-24 03:28
    One question : do anybody know what happenned to big helicopter Mi-26? Nobody managed to adapt it for FS 17? That heli is made for this big map...
  • Koalat
    2017-03-27 01:45
    The map reference is completely wrong for this map. I'll be at a certain part of the map and it'll show me as being at the edge of the map. The door scripts are either missing or junk; the store spawn is in the incorrect place. The map itself is amazing, but if you're going to redo a map at least make everything complete as well.
  • Strange things
    2017-03-27 02:58
    I have played this map for 6 hours. My map is correct, and the doors are OK.What does it mean "store spawn in incorrect space?"With me, everything normal.
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