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Peterbilt 388 and Manic Flatbed trailer v1.0
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Peterbilt 388 and Manic Flatbed trailer v1.0

Here the Peterbilt 388 and Manic flatbed trailer.
The trailer has tensioning belts and has the Auto Load function.
Standard functions and UAL script.
Happy Farming :)

Truck and Trailer: Winston9587 and CarolinaBoy
UAL-Script: HoT online Team

  • Sts modding
    2016-12-09 00:49 Send message
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    I see something i'm gonna make look better xD
  • Delta1
    2016-12-09 18:54 Send message
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    This thing only looks pretty. The thing stops faster than a car. It accelerates like it weighs that of a feather. The straps don't show in game when using them. The field of view is way different of any other vehicle, default or mod!
  • Diesel mods
    2016-12-09 20:07 Send message
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    Mod needs some work, especially the camera view. Handling needs work too. not a bad mod to download and modify for your own collection like i did.
  • Sts modding
    2016-12-10 00:30 Send message
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    its going through blender for me !
  • Faelandaea
    2016-12-10 00:38 Send message
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    By the way - the camera fix is easy. So if anyone else wants to see their little mini truck for what it really is, go into the i3d file with notepad++ (or notepad if you must), and look for the outdoor camera entry. Change the field of view, which is set HORRIBLY low at 25 ... set that to 55. Once it is at 55 you will have a normal external camera and see how small this truck is when parked next to any other truck in the game. Sad, too. She looks so beautiful.
  • Crap mod
    2016-12-12 19:23 Send message
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    I knew when I saw the credits that it would be a shit mod. Physics are all wrong for a truck, front end goes airborne on the slightest hill @ 30mph, and like said above, the size is way off. So its pretty, yeah, just not a good mod. It spent maybe 6 minutes in my mod folder.
  • Stolenbythomas
    2016-12-15 01:44 Send message
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    Mod Stolen by Thomas, was never uploaded here, was only put on modland, thomas needs drama and you idiots to keep the money rolling in for him. modders finally wise up and leave this site, this crap thomas does to mods would stop too. Point blame to Thomas, he screws with all of his mods he uploads.
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