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Peterbilt 388 Flatbed Custom v2 With Trailer
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Peterbilt 388 Flatbed Custom v2 With Trailer

Here Is the trailer That Goes with truck I released Truck is included in dowload I fixed Sleeper lights going all the time and adjusted camera have fun with it
UNPACK ZIP Two Mods Inside

winston9587, Thunderhawk09 Rebuilt Into Flatbed custom

  • Unknown
    2017-01-23 10:18 Send message
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    Looks great! Have you thought about adding auto load to it?
  • Thunderhawk09
    2017-01-23 16:33 Send message
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    I'm Working on Auto Load Version now
  • Vosh
    2017-01-24 02:24 Send message
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    The problem with the camera isn't it's placement, it is the distorted field of view.Line up a stock truck and yours side by side, then zoom the camera to a set distance and switch back and forth and you'll see the difference.
  • Vosh
    2017-01-25 06:00 Send message
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    Was able to locate the camera problem. In giants editor go to 'outdoor camera target' - 'outdoor camera' you have the field of view set to 25, set it to 60 and problem solved.
  • Zicken3
    2019-01-03 22:41 Send message
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    hello would you rebuild the Peterbilt with trailer and autoload for the FS 19? because I liked playing with it. Kind regards
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