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Peterbilt 388 Flatbed v1.1.2.0
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Peterbilt 388 Flatbed v1.1.2.0

Small bug fixes fixed
Xml Parameters further adapted
Texture error fixed
Matching trailer added in the same design

here of Peter Picture 388 Flatbed Truck with platform body.
The truck can be transported bales, pallets, etc. seedlings.
It holds up to 43 bales on it depending Ballenart and stacking.
All cargoes can be secured / fixed with tension straps.
Mod has the usual standard features
Complete lighting LS17
LED lighting, instrument lighting, speedo, cabin light
and more
Have fun :)

winston9587, Thunderhawk09, converted to FS17 by richwoodrocket, fixed to FS17 by Pussycat

  • Fake
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  • Thunderhawk09
    2017-01-23 23:36 Send message
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    You POS There was No Errors or any bugs to fix quit screwing with my mod
  • Black jeep
    2017-01-23 23:46 Send message
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    Where Can I Find The Trailer?
  • Thunderhawk09
    2017-01-24 01:53 Send message
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    I built this truck and trailer here is the link to my download with both truck & trailer in Pack Auto load version coming soonhttp://www.modhub.us/farming-simulator-2017-mods/peterbilt-388-flatbed-custom-v2-with-trailer-2/
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