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Peterbilt 389 v1.01
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Peterbilt 389 v1.01

Peterbilt OP389
This has a 500 Hp engine and runs 135 Km/h. Daily cost are set at 25 euro/day and you can buy the truck for 110.000 euro.

We have updated the following:

Original build by ZombiDogz
Updated by Modjunkie

  • Lmfao
    2018-04-15 23:07 Send message
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    this think looks like a piece of shit. what a joke winston is
  • Rolam
    2018-04-16 11:31 Send message
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    @LMFAO Thanks for the compliment, because if you donĀ“t like it the rest does. Thanks buddy
  • Lbj modding
    2018-04-16 20:43 Send message
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    this thing really is garbage. it's a shame this community just keeps getting buried deeper and deeper in shit. the community has driven every good modder away and are left with crap like this. not to mention some of the comments left clearly show just how many children are in the community.
  • Rolam
    2018-04-19 10:05 Send message
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    Yes I have your mods @LBJ Modding I think speak about yourself
  • Max


    2018-04-25 02:51 Send message
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    Don't listen to this nutbags This truck looks fine to me. Anyways these people who post negative comments have nothing to do than waste their time posting rant comments like the dumb goofballs that they are.
  • Rolam
    2018-04-25 18:21 Send message
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    You are right Max
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