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Peterbilt 389 dump truck v1.0.0.2
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Peterbilt 389 dump truck v1.0.0.2

Hello pierceCustoms here here i have you another mod release this truck is a peterbilt 389 dump truck it has over 20 options to choose from those options are it holds 100 000 liters hope you like this mod i spent 20 hours or more strait on this mod to make it the way i like it so here you go enjoy

the options are
cab lights
engine setup
2 color options one for the side boards for the dump bed
and one for the cab
strobe package
front fender

note: it is a 7z file so you will need 7zip or somthing to extrack the file   ones extracted put the folder strait into mods do not  zip it up to a compress file or els the mod will not show up right you will have texture issue

so just put the plan folder into mods folder and your good to go.

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  • Pierce2019
    2019-08-20 18:26 Send message
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    to this nick kid would you stop commenting on my mods i can do what ever i want so if you have a problem with it message me on facebook have a nice day and i will keep deleting your comments bc i have the right to
  • Nick
    2019-08-23 08:59
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    Sean, 333Mb for a single truck shows you still haven't learnt the modding knack. Many people are trying to tell you this, PLEASE LEARN HOW TO MOD PROPERLY BEFORE UPLOADING AGAIN. There are people on the Modhub forums and various facebook groups who can and will help you if you ask.And Sean, I will keep posting my original comment because I have seen you delete everyone's comments (on all of your uploads) that you 'don't like'. All of those comments were trying to tell you the same th
  • Nick
    2019-08-23 09:27
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    cont'd, all of those comments were trying to tell you the same thing. I'm sorry you don't understand that. Also, I won't be contacting you via facebook, I don't use it, sorry about that.
  • At nick
    2019-08-23 23:50
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    You must be salty he can do what ever he wants and if you dont have a problem with it then why you commenting on his mods starting shit leave the guy alone you get what he put out for the community dont like oh well he will continue to do so he dont take any people bullshit so leave the guy alone
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