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Peterbilt dump demon v1.0
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Peterbilt dump demon v1.0

Hello here i have you a peterbilt demon dump truck has skull heads and lots of lights and custom sounds  90 000 liters  and  hope you enjoy this beast as much as i do.

Bcbuhler edited by seanpierce lights fixed by aaronamy gregory

  • Shawn
    2019-03-19 15:47
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    Is there a trailer hitch on the back? I want to have a "dump ruck" with a hitch because some modded IT vehicles don't have one.
  • Sean pierce
    2019-03-19 17:27
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    Yes but it's invisible
  • Person31
    2019-11-14 01:00
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    theirs no such thing as a "invisible" hitch.
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