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Peterbilt 379 FS17 V1
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Peterbilt 379 FS17 V1

I offer a truck Peterbilt 379 FS 17 this truck has color change, labable, dynamical processing bars, mirrors, tamils of dynamical tammers and engine 700 hp.


  • Guest
    2016-11-15 17:04 Send message
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    looks nice, but not worth the effort , not going to those virus infested sites!
  • Safe
    2016-11-15 22:41 Send message
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    Dude, Sharemods and Adfly are perfectly SAFE.
  • Guest
    2016-11-16 00:25 Send message
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    i guess that if you go on them and ur browser gets locked up with pages that you can't exit out of without using ctrl, alt, delete is safe then i guess they are safe, i just won't b using them. i'm sure that i'm not the only one that feels that way.
  • Seriously
    2016-11-16 05:00 Send message
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    Please explain how this is a 379... It has 389 headlights, hood, cab, sleeper, exhausts. with KW W9 steps. This guy has to be a total retard...
  • Will
    2016-11-16 16:23 Send message
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    Those other mod sites have viruses I always get them. But... when I get mods that say mod hub.us download link then I usually download it!!!
  • Been burned
    2016-11-16 18:32 Send message
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    Yeah, I have to agree with others, most of those 3rd party sites will hit you with a virus or malware. If it isn't on Modhub, then I don't download it. Too bad really, it looks like a nice model. Oh well.
  • Not worth the risk
    2016-11-17 03:18 Send message
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    Only use modhub links
  • Guest
    2016-12-06 19:52 Send message
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    Nice truck, but has many log errors
  • David knight
    2017-03-04 04:19 Send message
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    I recently purchased fs17 and when i download mods they do not show up in game. Have tried several times with no luck. I have no touble with the fs15 version. Can anyone please help? Thank you.
  • Eagle355th
    2018-04-22 10:04 Send message
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    Get the update that will help https://farming-simulator.com/updates.php?lang=en&country=us
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