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Peterblilt 379 Custom converted v1
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Peterblilt 379 Custom converted v1

Peterblilt 379 Custom my first time coverting a mod.

Giants,coverted to fs17 by david brock

  • @david29
    2016-12-18 21:53
    when u convert a mod u have to make sure its log free or error and warnings along with lua call stacks in this case this mod needs to be rebuilt from the ground up lua call stacks is a big problem in mods but this is a really nice truck
  • David29
    2016-12-19 02:01
    i know that but i dont know any thang about lua scrips so i did my best if you dont like it dont download it
  • David29
    2016-12-19 03:32
    sorry i have been up sents 1 am and still have had no sleep
  • David29
    2016-12-19 03:39
    and im still learning how to mod
  • James
    2016-12-19 04:21
    David go to twitch and ask people in farming simulator 17 that streams from computers we will help u just have to be respectful to others
  • David29
    2016-12-19 04:28
    @james ok tyvm and sorry yall im just very tired and have not been to bed yet
  • Waldo
    2016-12-22 03:10
    So Is this mod good? or No? It's a nice mod if It works with no issues, thanks
  • Lbraniff65
    2016-12-23 05:08
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