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Peterbuilt FarmHorese TheSqaud GM and Spencer TV edition v1.0
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Peterbuilt FarmHorese TheSqaud GM and Spencer TV edition v1.0

Calling all The Sqaud,Gorillaman and Spencer TV fans.Today I bring u a truck with there logos thisis a present to them so please just be nice about it.

Landon Wanca

Winston 9587

  • @wanker modding
    2017-06-14 08:15 Send message
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    Who names their group Wanker Modding? And what kind of wanker would edit a mod and deface it with all those crappy names? Ugh.. just gross.
  • Lwanca
    2017-06-16 02:17 Send message
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    its called wanca modding and this was a present to some youtubers and this is my semi truck and u are doing what i asked people not to
  • @wanker
    2017-06-16 04:10 Send message
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    Right, just what I said, wanker modding. Ugly truck, wanker.
  • Wanker modding
    2017-06-16 05:42 Send message
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    I think wanca is how you pronounce wanker with a cockney accent.
  • @wanker modding
    2017-06-16 05:44 Send message
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    nah, wanca is actually Scottish for female wanker.
  • @@wanker modding
    2017-06-17 00:36 Send message
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    that sounds about right, she goes by LWANCA and the L stands for Lady. so i guess she's Lady Wanca
  • Landon
    2018-01-03 17:51 Send message
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    good job love it and big fan of all them
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