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Pgr Mauer Pack v0.1
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Pgr Mauer Pack v0.1

Hello LS friends, I am back with a new MauerPack for you
There are different walls in the pack for more info pictures
A request to you
I really need help with a small donation no matter how much only if you do not do anything, it's about a PC I urgently need so I continue my projects I've started to continue, I thank each of you.
all my objects you can use and upload (mention gredits)
my objects may only be set with the original link in other forums!
Your reviews are very much worth to me.

Modell: Arii
Textur: Arii
Script: Arii
Idee / Konzept: Arii
Tester: Arii
Sonstige: Arii

  • Reality
    2018-02-25 20:19
    get a job/better job
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