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Pig Feed MIXER v1
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Pig Feed MIXER v1

This is my Pig Feed Mixer, takes Soybean, barley, wheat, sunflower and more to make pig feed. Works and is placeable. ERROR FREE. DO NOT COPY DO NOT REUPLOAD.

Giants, Erstalben, Team Portgal

  • Jesper
    2018-02-15 15:06
    this mod does not work i caint place it but it si in the game
  • @jesper
    2018-02-15 17:58
    Works fine for the other 267 downloaders, so OBVIOUSLY its your machine or mod conflict,
  • @jesper
    2018-02-16 08:22
    check you log file to do that go to Documents my Games FarmingSimulator2017 then log file is the second from bottom....if you see any ERRORS or LUA you have to take that mod out
  • Farmerjohnny
    2018-02-19 16:42
    Error: Invalid placeable type 'FS17_PigMaster.FabrikScript'Error: Running LUA method 'mouseEvent'.dataS/scripts/gui/PlacementScreen.lua(115) : attempt to index field 'placeable' (a nil value)
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