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Pine Cove Farm by Stevie plus Production RUS
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Pine Cove Farm by Stevie plus Production RUS

Investors regarded the geographical location of the town PINE COVE as very profitable for the opening of enterprises for the production of agricultural products. Over the past year, the city received multimillion-dollar investments and many plants were built, which were transferred to the management of local farmers. Now there are only millionaires in the city. Earn and you are your first million in PINE COVE!

The basis is taken by many favorite map Pine Cove Farm by Stevie, added plants, Season Master and a pair of dried trees. Now on the farm you can not only engage in agriculture on the same 18 fields, but also produce different kinds of products from your own raw materials and supply the rich inhabitants of the city with products of different types. Forget about loaders! All production lines are equipped with modern technologies, pallet-accumulating lines, it remains only to buy the largest trailer with self-loading. Bread, chips, sausage, yogurt and popcorn are just a small part of what you can produce. Now pigs are not just for dung! Also you are assisted by a state-of-the-art wood processing center for the production of packaging materials. Be cautious, due to the increase in traffic volumes, freight trains are moving around the region. True, the city administration took care of safety and built railway crossings. Almost everything is on the map in Russian.
Initially, the map was made purely for myself, but decided to share with the fans of FS. Enjoy your time on the farm PINE COVE!

Mods present in the archive are mandatory. In the game to buy Stop Milk Sale and a sink is not necessary, they are already registered on the map.
Trains run about the map quite quickly, you can just sit down on them and they will go at a normal speed (a feature of Loco Drive)
There are not big shortcomings, on some production screens, not correct information, but personally I do not look there myself and I do not advise you)) In the comments write about bugs, I can release the update if necessary, but like the log is clean.
And do not forget to buy a shovel for snow, winter is close

Stevie, Krists

  • Yura
    2017-07-27 11:57
    игра не видит карту , даже без модов
  • Name
    2017-07-27 12:22
    The game does not see the map
  • Kleeblatt
    2017-07-27 12:48
    Pine_Cove_Farm_by_Stevie.zipso abändern. Den Anhang habe ich weg gelassen
  • Kk


    2017-07-27 14:18
    Удалите пробелы в названии мода.Remove spaces in the name of the mod.
  • Sturdy
    2017-07-27 14:26
    YURA,его как минимум распаковать надо)))
  • Wmmj4
    2017-07-27 15:06
    deleting the spaces in the mod name works
  • Yura
    2017-07-27 17:39
    Спасибо за помощь "KK" и "WMMJ4"
  • Barros
    2017-07-27 17:55
    die karte wird nicht angezeigt trotz änderung wie beschrieben
  • Dave
    2017-07-27 19:03
    i have removed the spaces like was dicussed above but still nothing can someone please put what it should look like in the comments
  • Dave
    2017-07-27 20:17
    don't anyone ever reply to comments on these sites
  • Whatever
    2017-07-28 07:54
    Why waste time on this epic pile of crap. If the guy who edited it doesn't even know how to zip a mod and name it, what do you really think the mod is going to be like? EPIC. CRAP.
  • Dodge
    2017-07-28 11:56
    @ dave i got this map working on a dedicated server @ whatever this is a piece of genius if you take time to look instead of just comment you will see then again think you can do better post a map your self ...wont be holding my breath though @ dave heres what you dave then the map shows this is what i done Pine_Cove_Farm_by_Stevie_plus_Production_RUS hopes this helps
  • Wmmj4
    2017-07-28 14:22
    My mod name is PineCoveFarmbyStevieplusProductionRus and this works for me just delete the spaces in between and by the way this a very good map
  • Kiss
    2017-07-29 04:32
    Seriously, KISS! Keep IT SIMPLE STUPID. All you need was PineCone.zip or even PINE.zip don't make this harder than it is guys. 5 yr olds can play this game, 10yr olds are making maps. Not Rocket Science, it can be any name you like even PCFBSPPR.zip And this map was made with dozens of modders help. Incredible map!
  • Waterboy
    2017-08-07 20:52
    there is no station oil sale
  • Waterboy
    2017-08-07 21:01
    and the crane is not working at sawmill
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