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Pine Cove Production RUS v2.0
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Pine Cove Production RUS v2.0

Investors regarded the geographical location of the town PINE COVE as very profitable for the opening of enterprises for the production of agricultural products. Over the past year, the city received multimillion-dollar investments and many plants were built, which were transferred to the management of local farmers. Now there are only millionaires in the city. Earn and you are your first million in PINE COVE!

The basis is taken by many favorite map Pine Cove Farm by Stevie, added plants, Season Master and a pair of dried trees. Now on the farm you can not only engage in agriculture on the same 18 fields, but also produce different kinds of products from your own raw materials and supply the rich inhabitants of the city with products of different types. Forget about loaders! All production lines are equipped with modern technologies, pallet-accumulating lines, it remains only to buy the largest trailer with self-loading. Bread, chips, sausage, yogurt and popcorn are just a small part of what you can produce. Now pigs are not just for dung! Also you are assisted by a state-of-the-art wood processing center for the production of packaging materials. Be cautious, due to the increase in traffic volumes, freight trains are moving around the region.
Almost everything is on the map in Russian.
Enjoy your time on the farm PINE COVE!
Pine Cove Production RUS v2 adapted for Seasons
Requires game version 1.4.4
Required mods:

Recommended mods:
•FS17_kotteUniversalPack (Transportation of liquids)
•FS17_joskinBetimaxRDS7500 / FS17_LS540 (from Kastor Food Inc pack for transportation of animals)

Notes and Warnings:
•For the correct work of the map,you need to start a new game.
•If you do not want to play with the Seasons mod, just do not connect it to the map.
•Disconnect other maps in mods folder.
•If you have installed Loco Drive mod earlier, delete it, on the card is already present, it will conflict.
•If you are tired of trains, remove Loco Drive from the mod archive.

Changelog 2.0
•Fixed a problem with not displaying the technique in the garage.
•Fixed information on production monitors.
•Points of fast movement and display of productions are added to the map.
•Improved water.
•Fixed bugs with access to gold bars.
•The proportions of resource consumption in some industries have been revised.
•At some points of loading, the loading speed and hopper volumes are increased.
•The problem with the crane for loading logs has been fixed.
•The translation has been improved.
•Some visual and sound changes.

Stevie / Krists

  • Koalat
    2017-08-09 01:26
    Kinda silly that a required mod is a cash wash.........
  • Ricefarmer
    2017-08-09 18:11
    Very good work, but it lacks some details to make the map more real, like for example to add mud in the fields and the roadsTo be even more fun was to add holes in the roads with mud so that the tractor would get stuckGOOD JOB ;)
  • Nbcmasterdad
    2017-08-10 04:22
    This is a great farm and very fun to play. I would like to see vine yards and fruit trees in it. I play around with GE a little but have problems with some of the scripting. but this is one of the best maps I have ever played. GREAT JOB
  • Luggs
    2017-08-10 15:26
    For those wondering this does have the orignal map makers permission for the edit and upload.
  • Ricefarmer
    2017-08-12 20:11
    What I mean is that it can add dirty clear that it's never going to be really realistic but it always got a little better and dirty the tractors ... I can add mud on the map but it will never dry
  • Jacky
    2017-08-19 22:33
    Superbe map , que du bonheur, mais serait il possible de la passer en autre langue: francais ?
  • Blacky
    2017-08-20 13:44
    good map i had to take out the seasons it doesn't work and conflicts with the map because it kept booting me off the game and a message came up and said this game stopped working did it to me 3 times
  • Blacky
    2017-08-20 19:10
    where can you buy more animals at looked all over the map for livestock building
  • Jason
    2017-08-23 00:02
    it wont show up on my game
  • Blacky
    2017-08-23 04:55
    jason unstall the season's mod and it will work the season mod is junk it screws up the game big time
  • Blacky
    2017-08-23 05:32
    finally got the map to work i unstalled that season's mod it screws up the game big times you can't add more money at all it won't and you can't hear sounds of the engines on the tractors or machines at all
  • Jason
    2017-08-23 10:52
    i dont have the seasons mod at all
  • Waterboy
    2017-08-31 04:34
    where can you sell animals?and why when I auto load pallets one disappears and fine it in a field.
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