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Placeable Jambon factory v1.0.0.5
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Placeable Jambon factory v1.0.0.5


This Version 
Added Saussage Pallets 
Added more Objects have fun

Little mod for production of Jambon
To work you need EmptyPallet Pigs and Salt
Produce of 3 pallets at the same time
Buy the Salt in the Pallets section of the store
You need the FS17_joskinBetimaxRDS7500 from Castor Food to transport of Pigs.


  • Valera
    2018-08-13 15:18
    Thank you very much, TheSnake and sausages where to sell?
  • Thesnake
    2018-08-13 17:21
    @Hello VALERA for some reason i don't know why my last version of WareHouse is not here go to ModHoster and take the last version ready for Sausage and washedPotato
  • Titi
    2018-08-13 20:05
    bonjour the snake ou vendre les saucisses merci
  • Mike weber
    2018-08-14 05:30
    could not get the pig trigger to work on the mod.
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