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Placeable Seeds and Fertilizer v1
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Placeable Seeds and Fertilizer v1

Placeable Seeds and Fertilizer
placeable seed bags and Fertilizer bags did do not run out of quantity to be Placed any where on your map.
I made this so i didnt have to keep buying bags of seeds and Fertilizer.
thesis you will find in the store under placeable items.
have fun.

Model: pinguar/scooby
Texture: giants
Script: mine
Idea / Concept: hat to be done
Testing: pingu and scooby

  • Nick
    2016-10-29 03:18
    these don't work
  • Pinguar
    2016-10-29 22:49
    yes they do ...... i should know because i made them before thomas nicked it and uploaded them to here....signed...pingu/scooby
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