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Placeable Storage Barn
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Placeable Storage Barn

This is an edited version of the gtx mods multi storage shed. Functions the same as the original. It can hold 250,000 Litres of Potatoes, Sugar Beets, Woodchips, Straw, Grass, Hay and Forage. The fill trigger is inside right below the dump pit. Credits go to GTX Mods for the original shed. Hope everyone enjoys it.

gtx mods, thomas

  • Tommy0680
    2016-11-08 17:42
    This mod has the same zip-name as the original, remember to change name before adding file to mods folder ;)
  • Newbie
    2016-11-09 07:48
    Sorry for any confusion! I'm still trying to learn with modding and I figured I'd give this barn a try at least editing wise. I will have a revised version with a decal fix on the bins and the store icon fixed so its not confusing when purchasing. Sorry for any inconveniences and I hope everyone is enjoying it!
  • Karsonm
    2016-11-09 22:10
    Do you have to have GE for this mod?
  • Newbie
    2016-11-11 07:24
    No it is placeable and should show in your store
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