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Placeable sugar factory v1.1
2 2 0 2019

Placeable sugar factory v1.1

Sugar Placeable Factory

Version 1.1
This Version need only SugarCane( Zuckerrohr)and Water(Wasser

Version 1.0.5
Added more objects and Decals
Fixed Building ready for Trucks delivery
Time of Production 1000 per hours

Production of WhiteSugar and YellowSugar
1-SugarCane Sugar Beet Water
Have fun
Marhu (scripts)
Gamerhzs (WareHouse)

Model: M7farmer (COOPERATIVE) Gamerhzs (WareHouse)
Texture: Various
Script: Marhu
Idea / Concept: TheSnake
Other: Thanks for all modders for the objects in the mod

  • Hsayar
    2018-01-09 10:12
    Basic in Sugar ProductionInputs;1) "Sugar Beet", "Sugar Bean"2) "Limestone Stone", "3) Coal, FuelOil, Wood etc. ",4) "Water",5) "Empty Palette"Outputs (products);1) Sand,2) Stone & Soil3) Leaf4) Waste Water5) Water6) Melas7) Pulp8) SugarI think it would be more realistic if it were organized accordingly.
  • Collin
    2018-01-13 19:28
    Can i have that renault magnum pleaseGood mod
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