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Placeable Whiskey Factory RHUM Edition v1.0
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Placeable Whiskey Factory RHUM Edition v1.0

Placeable Whiskey Factory New Version Rhum Edition
in this version you have a whiskey and rhum production
Big Thanks to Hewaaa (Dist.) Permission and the good contact.

Model: Hewaaa (Distellery
Texture: Hewaaa
Script: Marhu
Idea / Concept: TheSnake Hewaaa

  • Silviu1993
    2017-12-08 22:43
    mod video here.......................https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kN-D9-PdD8E&t=5s
  • Guest
    2017-12-08 23:33
    Rhum is spelled Rum and Rum is made from sugarcane right
  • Name
    2017-12-09 16:12
    Absolutely love the production mods! Keep 'em coming!
  • Deere29
    2017-12-09 21:59
    ne pas l'utiliser sur la maps platinium vu qu'il ni a pas de betterave a sucre au paraguay. il faudrait de la canne a sucre a la place.
  • Waterboy
    2017-12-11 22:17
    be nice if all mods have a long Pallet mover. farmers don't have time to spend time moving them ever minute.
  • Dalton67
    2018-01-06 15:55
    bonjour . pour barryl. je mes du bois . palette ca marche pas ? c est quoi au juste ? merci
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