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Plains and Simple FS17 user Map Fix 2
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Plains and Simple FS17 user Map Fix 2

First Up thanks to many many thanks to KG for your very kind donation, thank you.

Second UP here is the Fix 2 update for the Plains and Simple FS2017 user map. Delete your old version, Unzip the new fix2 downloaded file and place the map zip into your mods folder. No need to start a new game. Have a great weekend folks!

Fixes the sheep's feeding trough, widened BGA weigh bridge allowing the BIG X to pass through, small change to the distance hills and a few other small tweaks and adjustments.

Donate: https://www.paypal.me/StevieFSMods


  • Farmtrack
    2017-09-29 21:44
    Beautiful map, great Stevie !! Download it!
  • Nemodz
    2017-09-30 04:01
    awesome map by an awesome map maker good job Stevie
  • Jay


    2017-10-13 20:57
    Where can you buy tree sapling pallets at?
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