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Plains and Simple Seasons 4x map update 4 by Stevie
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Plains and Simple Seasons 4x map update 4 by Stevie

So here's an update for the map it needs a new game save do not use a previous save start a new game. I can't say this will be the last updated as it's to early yet we will see. Remember to delete the old file from your mods folder, unzip the new downloaded file to get to the 2 zips inside 1 for the map and one for my Kotte Multi Tanker which is made for my latest maps.
Many things have been changed in this update most of which you will not see.
The sheep's wool pallet issue where a blocked message is displayed is not a fault on the map but a conflict from an external mod. The wool pallets spawn, travel the mover and sell perfect in my map and game save.
Many thanks to all who helped out testing the map. Seasons, servers, course play and GPS all tested fine.
Unzip the downloaded file and place the map zip into your mods folder and load the game it will force a new save on you to prevent the test map save being used.

The map features:
New 4x map size upgrade, Seasons ready, Straw Addon ready, GMF mod, multifruits, chopped straw, GTX mods water trough mod, has many installed production mods, dirt and terrain mod, dynamic sky, custom textures and storage, medium to very large square fields, large natural forestry area, large sawmill area, gold nuggets, pallet movers with autosell points and more. Includes my Kotte Multi Tanker mod which when placed into your mods folder can be purchased in the misc section of the store. Have fun with it.

Donation link: paypal.me/StevieFSMods

Design, layout, textures and all Storage stores, Farm Silo, Plants and Tree nursery's, Flour Mill, Bio Pro, Manure Separator, Green Houses, Dairy Compost bagging and all forestry installs Stevie, Farmer_Andys 2015 mod conversions Stevie with permission. GTX mods water trough mod, Extra 3D models Luke_BK. Further scripts, models and installs; Marhu, Farmer_Andy, KevinK98, Ifkonator, Kastor, Blacksheep, Nils23, Webalizer, FSModding, the guys who did the dynamic sky mod and Eisberg without whom the maps would not be as much fun to play. The Facebook page users all who helps test the map in a very short time frame. All the rest Giants Software.

  • Thecleaner
    2018-05-10 15:57
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    Every 24hours one Update unbelievable
  • Luc


    2018-05-11 01:28
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    Do your own f..g map if you not happy !
  • Neness
    2018-05-11 06:38
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    domage c est une belle map , mais elle plante au demarage
  • Nikki
    2018-05-11 15:11
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    How about some production facilities on the map? and just a bit more complexity. Sure it's wide open but after only a short time it becomes boring and tedious.
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